M&S Easter Commercial 2019

The Stage Award Winner for Acting Excellence 2016 // Nominated for Best Male in the Wales Theatre Awards 2017

Represented by Gemma McAvoy, Clare Symons & Alexa Flynn at Emptage Hallett



2019 - Good Spirit, SLEEPING BEAUTY, Qdos Productions at Stoke Regent Theatre, Dir: Christian Patterson

2019 - Bobby Franklyn, RUN FOR YOUR WIFE, The Mill At Sonning, Dir: Ray Cooney

2019 - Reverend Peter Price, CALON LAN THE MUSICAL, Swansea Grand Theatre, Dir: Maxine Evans

2019 - Del, POTTED POTTER (AUSTRALASIAN TOUR), Seabright Productions, Dir: Richard Hurst/Hanna Berrigan

2018 - Will Scarlet, ROBIN HOOD, Qdos Productions at Stoke Regent Theatre, Dir: Christian Patterson

2018 - King Louis/Buckingham, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, The Dukes Lancaster, Dir: Sarah Punshon

2018 - Alastair Spenlow, MOVE OVER MRS MARKHAM!, The Mill At Sonning, Dir: Ray Cooney

2017 - Genie/Market Trader, MIKE KENNY'S "ALADDIN", The Dukes Lancaster, Dir: Sarah Punshon

2017 - Young Man, MANY HAPPY RETURNS (PAINES PLOUGH ROUNDABOUT), Dirty Protest/Paines Plough, Dir: Matthew Bulgo

2017 - Fix, THE TIDE (PAINES PLOUGH ROUNDABOUT), Dirty Protest/Paines Plough, Dir: Catherine Paskell

2017 - Man, LISTS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD (SUMMERHALL EDINBURGH), fanSHEN, Dirs: Rachel Briscoe/Dan Barnard




2013 - Del, POTTED POTTER (WEST END/OFF-BROADWAY/AMERICAN TOUR), Seabright Productions, Dir:Richard Hurst/Hanna Berrigan

2013 - Rupert Of Hentzau/Fritz Von Tarlenheim, PRISONER OF ZENDA (NATIONAL TOUR), Chalkfoot Theatre Arts, Dir:Philip Dart

2012 - Price, FRACTURES (SOHO THEATRE), KM Productions, Dir:Martin Williamson

2012 - Steve Sloane/Survivor/Twitter/Dave, NOT ANOTHER MUSICAL (LATITUDE), Look Left Look Right, Dir:Ellie Browning/Terry O'Donovan

2012 - Mike, WHISPERING GRASS (HIGHTIDE), Hightide Festival, Dir:Richard Fitch

2012 - Brian, LOST SOUL (HIGHTIDE), Hightide Festival, Dir:Richard Fitch


2019 - Commercial: Tanning Salon Worker, M&S EASTER - HOT CROSS BUNS, Gray. Dir: Guy Manwaring.

2012 - TV: Gareth Riley, HOLBY CITY (BBC ONE), BBC, Dir:Ben Gutteridge

2012 - Short Flim: Sam, ESCAPE, Forgotten Generation Productions, Dir:Salman Khan

2011 - Commercial: User, NINTENDO DS ART ACADEMY, Karmarama/Kream London, Dir:Edward Salkeld

2010 - TV: Goran, THE GARDEN (BBC THREE), BBC, Dir:Otto Bathurst


2015 - Bryn Thomas, HOMEFIRES (NEWHAVEN FORT), ZapArt/InRoads Productions,Dir:Terry O'Donovan 

2014 - Sam the Production Assistant, THE BACKSTAGE TOUR (HOXTON HOTEL), A&B Productions, Dir:Simon Evans

2012 - Joe, YOU ONCE SAID YES (ROUNDHOUSE LONDON), Look Left Look Right, Dir:Mimi Poskitt/Ellie Browning


2018 - R&D: King Louis/Buckingham, THE THREE MUSKETEERS (THE DUKES LANCASTER), Dir: Sarah Punshon

2018 - R&D: Theatremaker, ELVITA ADAMS IS COMING HOME (FANSHEN), Dir: Rachel Briscoe/Dan Barnard

2017 - R&D: Peter, PETER PAN (THE DUKES LANCASTER), Dir: Sarah Punshon

2017 - R&D: Various, HYENAS IN PETTICOATS (NATIONAL THEATRE), Dir: Susanna Hislop

2017: Rehearsed Reading: Performer, RISE & FALL (OLD VIC NEW VOICES), Dir: Shireen Mula

2017: Rehearsed Reading: A Man, OUR LOVE WAS MUSIC (THE OTHER ROOM), Dir: Dan Jones

2017: Rehearsed Reading: Cliffy/Dexter, BLACKOUT (CHINAPLATE), Dir: Terry O'Donovan

2016 - Rehearsed Reading: Adam, BETWEEN THE RIOT AND THE RAINBOW (ARCOLA), Dir:Phil Bartlett

2015 - Deviser: THE INVISIBLE TREASURE (OVALHOUSE), fanSHEN, Dirs:Rachel Briscoe/Dan Barnard

2015 - Stage: Meryl, THE APPLE CART (TOUR), fanSHEN, Dirs:Rachel Briscoe/Dan Barnard

2015 - Rehearsed Reading: Jimmy, STOPPING POINT (APOLLO VICTORIA THEATRE), Dir:Alexander Capon

2012 - Stage Musical: Mitchell, A DAY IN JULY (GEORGE WOOD THEATRE), Prociv Productions, Dir:Andrew Miller

2012 - Stage Musical: Producer/PA/Male, OLYMPIC JOURNEY (GEORGE WOOD THEATRE), Prociv Productions, Dir:Andrew Miller

Roles whilst training: Oberon A Midsummer Night's Dream Dir:Sarah Kane, Northumberland Richard IIDir:Sarah Kane, Demetrius A Midsummer Night's Dream Dir:Lawrence Evans, Dr Chebutykin Three Sisters Dir:Lolly Susi, Archer The Beaux Stratagem Dir:Jessica Turner, Harry Company Dir:Darren Lawrence MD:Matthew Reeve Ch:Mickael Gaurier, Peer Gynt Peer Gynt Dir: Jake Murray, Curly Oklahoma! Dir:Darren Lawrence MD:Matthew Reeve Ch:David Lee


Robin Hood (Regent Theatre, Stoke-On-Trent)

“this year there is further comic input from the excellent Delme Thomas as Will Scarlet. This trio work so well together that they are capable of carrying the show with their comic antics alone.” 4 STARS, The Stage, December 2018

“It must be said Delme Thomas is genius throughout”, December 2018

“Delme Thomas also deserves a special mention for his hilarious performance as Will Scarlet.” KnotFM, December 2018

“A hilarious performance that has the audience in absolute uproar from Delme Thomas as Will Scarlett.”, December 2018

“Delme Thomas playing Merry Man Will Scarlet was one of my favourite characters of the evening with his sassy and ‘camp’ personality, ‘uh huh hunnies’. He both sung and danced incredibly well and had the audience almost in tears with laughter.”, December 2018

The Three Musketeers (The Dukes Lancaster)

"Delme Thomas as the flamboyant King Louis and Christopher Bianchi’s lovable cart horse Planchet get the majority of the laughs...The whole cast work extremely hard throughout, with lots of quick changes between characters, often within the same scene." 5 STARS -, July 2018

"This is a sword-flashing, silks-rustling production with a thrillingly romantic setting...from frothing dashing performances. Here, a few must stand for the many: Delme Thomas’s wig-fixated King Louis (also Buckingham) with Nisa Cole as his perruquier." 4 STARS - The Observer, July 2018

"We’ve enjoyed seeing Delme Thomas in a previous Dukes’ performance and his portrayal of King Louis was simply amazing. Every time he was on stage the audience were in fits of laughter." 5 STARS -, July 2018

"But the crowd are fully immersed and swept along by the time they get to the climatic royal ball, and the infectious antics of Delme Thomas’ comically camp King Louis." 4 STARS - The Stage, July 2018

"If you associate femininity with flowing locks, vibrant colours and an eye for fashion, then Delme Thomas’s Louis XIII is your man." 3 STARS - The Guardian, July 2018

"King Louis was played wonderfully by Delme Thomas who was a camp character with a slight speech impediment. The Three Musketeers is a fantastic mix of great acting, humour and drama.", July 2018

"There’s bags of comedy and lots of energy from the company which is what keeps the play going." Number 9 Reviews, July 2018

Move Over, Mrs Markham (Mill At Sonning)

"Delme Thomas as the effete interior designer Spenlow, gleefully negotiates the web of white lies, infidelity and mistaken identity with precision timing." 4 STARS - Paul Vale at The Stage, May 2018

"Delme Thomas captivated me in his role of Alistair Spenlow, a flick of the eyebrow and a delighted expression on his face was enough to have me rolling in the aisle and his energy was boundless." 5 STARS -, May 2018

Mike Kenny's "Aladdin" (The Dukes Lancaster)

"Delme Thomas as the Genie was simply amazing and definitely the star of the show. I have seen various performances of Aladdin over the years and he is certainly the best genie of them all! He added so much humour to the story and kept us all entertained." - 5 STARS, Catherine Joyce at What's Good To Do, December 2017

"This Genie is unlike any other. Shimmying through the audience, the Genie is a real charmer...Full of sarcasm and wit, the Genie was undoubtedly the star of the show." - 4 STARS, Rebekah Baxter at Northern Soul, December 2017

"Delme Thomas is as dazzling as his costume, leaping and dancing his way around the stage in a crowd-pleasing performance as the flamboyant Genie." - 4 STARS, May Mellstrom at The Reviews Hub, December 2017

"Welcome to the Genie (played by Delme Thomas). Immediately the play kicks up a notch as the colourful, flamboyant, master of magic makes his entrance – with light trickery and perfect comic timing. His pink striped hair, multicoloured jumpsuit and Welsh accent is enough to grab the audiences attention." - Gemma Sherlock at Lancaster Guardian, December 2017

"an extremely entertaining Delme Thomas...there’s enough pizzazz about Thomas’ flamboyant Genie to entertain the harshest of critics" 4 STARS, Eleanor Turney at The Stage, December 2017

"Performed in the round, the troupe engage the audience throughout but stand-out performances come from Thomas, who doubles as the narrator, whose dry humour and simple but effective magic tricks keep adults and children alike entertained." Antonia Charlesworth at Big Issue North, December 2017

"Delme Thomas is the lead guitar. His Genie and storytelling Market Trader is the playful, sparkling heart of the show - and the kids' favourite, not just for his skillful hand magic...but also with his irrepressible joy and wit. I can see how he won last year's Award for Acting Excellence from The Stage. His Genie comes across like the comedy lovechild of David Bowie and Tom Jones." Chris Satori at Virtual Lancaster, December 2017

"Delme Thomas as the ‘genie in the lamp’ definitely stole the show for me. With his charismatic stage presence, witty jokes...and bubbly persona, Thomas dazzled the children and created roars of laughter through witty references to the likes of fidget spinners and Ikea with his strong Welsh accent." Jonathon Herbert at Scan, December 2017

Saturday Night Forever (Edinburgh) - The Stage Award for Acting Excellence 2016

"a pitch-perfect performance" - 4 STARS, Paul Vale at The Stage, August 2016

"a fantastic Delme Thomas frankly relates Lee's story of hope, fear, love and tragedy - it's a powerful monologue" - 4 STARS, The Scotsman, August 2016

"Actor Delme Thomas & his lovely Welsh lilt plays the part with a smooth precision; warm to watch, easy to listen to" - 4 STARS, Mumble Theatre, August 2016 -

"Delme Thomas is sensational in his storytelling. He paints a beautifully colourful picture of the mundane minutiae of Lee’s love life. You can see the characters he described moving on the stage in front.  He handles the transition of beloved bliss to ruination with sheer grace – this is the best male solo performance I’ve seen this year." - Denis Lemon, August 2016

Saturday Night Forever (Welsh Tour & Leicester Curve)

"This is a powerful piece performed by a powerful actor who knows his craft, and makes for essential viewing." · Steve Stratford, December 2015

"Thomas' masterful performance, inhabiting his tale and the characters along the way expertly."· Emily Garside, December 2015

"His performance is from the outset one of utter assurance."· Adam Somerset, November 2015

"Thomas’ utterly convincing portrayal of the central character Lee - his acting ran the gammit of emotions" · Mike Smith, December 2015

"To carry a monologue for 50 minutes is undoubtedly a challenge, Delme Thomas does it with charm and confidence." · Debbie from An Organised Mess, December 2015

"Delme Thomas gives a charming and supremely confident performance as everyman Lee, alternately insecure and confident in his skin." · Othniel Smith, December 2015

Potted Potter (West End, Off-Broadway, American Tour)

"Potted Potter is an overall delight to watch, simply because of the performer’s convictions — especially Thomas, who is a whirlwind of energy and perfect comic timing." Shawn Kotzen, Technology Tell, December 2013

"Thomas’s contagious enthusiasm and physical humour…keeps the audience engaged, constantly eliciting applause, cheers, chants, and jeers throughout the show." Jenna Bodnar, The Houston Tartan, November 2013

"It’s a complete joy to watch an actor as self-assured as Thomas execute his endless series of costume changes and absurd sight gags." 5* review, Colin Dabkowski, Buffalo Herald, May 2013

The Prisoner of Zenda (National Tour)

"Delme Thomas, a very watchable actor, is master of the suggestive leer and cheerful malevolence." Susan Elkin, The Stage, February 2013.

You Once Said Yes (Roundhouse)

"The acting in immersive theatre often goes on unremarked, and often for good reason: here it is uniformly terrific: everyone has a ghastly buttonholing precision. Some are almost too persuasive." Susannah Clapp, The Guardian/Observer, June 2012

"At least two of the people who accost you are so convincingly dramatised that at first you are not sure whether they are actors or real strangers. You have to trust them; you have to say “yes” – even to the point of getting into a car with a strange man." 4* Review, Sarah Hemming, Financial Times, June 2012

"The people you encounter are embodied by (very skillful) professional actors, who, seen from a distance – which is how you first meet most of them – are part of the amorphous crowd." Ben Brantley, New York Times, June 2012